The Teaching Ministry of Kenneth Myers


A New Ministry

After 36 years of pastoral ministry, including 21 years as a bishop in the Anglican tradition, Kenneth Myers is taking a step of faith and venturing out into a new kind of ministry - being a teacher at large to the Body of Christ. Supported by a team of partners who value his teaching, Kenneth is able to offer his gift  to churches all over America and the world without concern of finances.

Having spent the first 30 years of his life in the world of Charismatic Churches, and the last 25 years in the Anglican tradition, he is comfortable teaching in any group of believers.

Kenneth loves the Word of God, and can lead a seminar or retreat on practically any biblical focus, but he is particularly passionate about grace, the ancient faith, worship, and an eschatology of hope.


Four Ministries In One

There are four different aspects of the Graceworks ministry:

  • Teaching Events: the primary focus of Graceworks is teaching events - seminars, retreats, weekend sessions, and guest speaking to congregations throughout the United States and around the world.
  • Partner Retreats: annual regional retreats for partners of the ministries. These will be two or three day retreats for a time of fellowship, worship, and teaching especially geared to partners and pillars of Graceworks.
  • Pastors School of the Bible: Many pastors have not had the opportunity for ongoing growth in their understanding of the Bible and theology. This aspect of Graceworks will provide quarterly opportunities for pastors to come together to "sharpen their swords" - with particular focus on biblical interpretation and "meaty" theology.
  • Book writing: The final focus of Graceworks is the production of books which can be read and studied by individuals and small groups. With eight books already published, Kenneth Myers is planning now for new books on the Trinity, and the power of confession, as well as other books "on the back burner."

If you would like to contact Kenneth about speaking for your event, please email him at






What is the fee for having Kenneth come and teach?  Nothing! If you can help cover the expenses (travel by auto or plane, and lodging), partners of the ministry take care of the rest. If your church or group can also receive an offering for the ministry at the time of the seminar/retreat, it will be deeply appreciated and will help Graceworks continue bringing the message of faith, hope and love to others.

What format works best for the teaching time?  Any format can be worked with. Want to do a 4 day retreat? A two day seminar? A weekend worship service? Have another idea? Kenneth can accommodate almost any structure.

What subjects does Kenneth teach on?  With 36 years of study and preparation, he can address almost any subject. He has a passion for the message of God's grace, and has written books on Christian doctrine, Christian living, prayer, eschatology, salvation, the Trinity, happiness, and worship.  If you have a particular focus you would like for him to teach, just ask him, and he can probably make it happen.

How do I arrange a seminar, conference or retreat?  Drop Kenneth an email at and let him know what you are thinking about. He will work with you to make it a reality.

Can I become a partner?  You bet you can! Just click on the "Become A Partner" link and fill out the form. There are two levels in the support team: partners, who contribute $25 a month, and pillars, who give $100 a month. There is a third level, for people who are deeply committed to this ministry and contribute more than $100 each month. One pastor suggested that this level be called "poobahs," but that is still under consideration!  :)